'Sexy' Transformers Costumes Dare To Be Stupid

Sexy Bumblebee. Sexy Optimus Prime. Sexy Megatron. Those are the actual product names for these actual products.

I mean, deep down, I know there's a sexual market for anything. This is a big ball of dirt we live on, and people are into all kinds of shit.

But 80s Megatron? Does this get your juices flowing?

You know what, don't answer that.

Sexy Transformers [80s Tees, via Fashionably Geek]


    Honestly the best part is that it is the 80's transformers. Missed opportunity not having soundwave, that voice always get me all bothered.

      Pretty sure those designs belong to Transformers Animated (circa 2007).

    Forget the sexy, I want to see them try and transform!

      I could like you something, but I will be banned.

    Is sexy just a synonym for women now days?

      Pretty much. Dress a woman up in suit resembling dog shit and, provided it accentuated her curves , people would call it sexy.

    Megatron's decepticon emblem is purple not blue.. talk about killing the mood.

      Couldn't agree more. At least the YouTube was there to get the juices flowing again.

      Tell you what, twins are hot right? Go one step further and Reflector triplets. I'd buy that for a dollar................ :)~

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