A First-Person Zombie Shooter... On Facebook?

A First-Person Zombie Shooter... On Facebook?

In case anyone is under the impression that Facebook gaming is all farms and candy crushing, zombie-killing epic Dead Trigger 2 has arrived to challenge that notion with extreme prejudice. Let's play!

Madfinger Games has spent the past couple of years impressing the hell out of iOS and Android gamers with its series of first-person undead murder simulators. Dead Trigger and Dead Trigger 2 received tons of praise from critics and players alike, and are considered to be some of the best first-person shooters on mobile devices, right up there with Shadowgun — also a Madfinger joint.

And now Dead Trigger 2 can be played on Facebook. I spent a substantial chunk of my morning verifying that fact.

What a time we live in, when we can click a link (like this one right here) and instantly be playing a first-person shooter the likes of which we'd be paying $US50 for a mere decade prior.

It's not the most challenging first-person shooter, and yes — it's free-to-play, and there are things to buy. There are also more than 600 missions for players to work their way through, all of which can be completed without spending a dime.

Dead Trigger 2 is available to play for free on Facebook right now. You can also get it for free on iOS or Android, with progress shared and saved between all three platforms. It's like we're living in the post-apocalyptic future.


    i may not like facebook games but this looks like it is worth checking out :)

      its actually extremely crappy because its a mobile game, the levels are lucky to be more than 2 corridors long

      It was pretty damn good on my sgs4... cant wait to try it later!

    I can't play it on my Nexus 7...because touch screen controls, FPS and me just don't work properly.

    This reminds me a lot of the House of the Dead arcade games. This is definitely something I need to check out.

    But wouldn't it have to download every time you wanted to play it?

    Just what the world needs... more zombies...

      that's why you must kill them right? To make less zombies?

    even looks half decent graphically to boot. Eventually it has GOT to get to the point where game developers seriously have to call into question their 100-200m budgets... It's not yet, but one day..

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