Chinese Robot Will Decimate Your Flappy Bird Score

Chinese Robot Will Decimate Your Flappy Bird Score

I know, I know, you're all probably sick of Flappy Bird by now. Flappy Bird this, Flappy Bird that. I promise you that this story, despite its focus on Flappy Bird, is different. This story has a robot!

Late last week, two Chinese developers, Liu Yang and Shi Xuekun, released a video of the duo showing off a prototype of their latest project: a robot that plays Flappy Bird!

The duo, from Xian in north central China's Shaanxi province, say in their video that they spent a total of four days to come up with a prototype for the robot! It uses a webcam to determine the amount of taps needed by the bird to move past the pipes. The robot's arm is made up of an old hard drive and equipped with the tip of a tablet computer stylus. The whole contraption is ingenious.

中国技术宅死磕Flappy Bird 设计机器人轻松破百 [ (video)]


    I don't think Kotaku will be happy until there's a robot that can beat Dark Souls

    A Chinese robot will make my Flappy Bird score be ten percent lower? How?

    I don't think the poster knows what the word "decimate" means.

    So the robot will reduce my score by one tenth?

    With all these robots (ie. 2 I know of) being built to play games for us, eventually all we'll need to do is hit a button and then come back 10 hours later to find out how much fun we had.

      There's a game for that. It's called "Progress Quest"

    Decimate my score? The robot would destroy a 10th of my score? Why? How? Hack my phonr? This makes no sense...

    the bot is a cheater! ;D
    i am sure he can't beat big fat floppy space cat :D

    I'd want to know how this robot can control the irregular motion like in Daring Kiwi...

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