New FPS DLC Lets You Play God Against Your Friends

New FPS DLC Lets You Play God Against Your Friends

I can make a tank (or a butterfly), then blow it up with lightning? I think DayZ just got topped in the pantheon of “reasons to own ArmA“. Check out this short trailer that shows off some of the features.

ArmA 3: Zeus is coming soon as a free DLC for the game, and it looks incredible. It lets one player become Zeus and create new objects, events, and objectives for other players to experience. It’s basically Sleep Is Death with guns, and what more could you want?

The developers will be streaming gameplay live on Saturday on Twitch, check out the site for more info.

Update: This article originally referred to Zeus as a mod, but it’s an official DLC by the game’s developers, Bohemia Interactive.


  • Well its for Arma 3 which is nothing to do with DayZ which was a mod for 2 and now a standalone but still on a different engine to 3…

    Also you only need one reason to own Arma, that’s because Arma is fucking awesome.

  • SICK! Keen for this! Been running ALiVE and MCC 3 so far, but this could make some quick fun too.

    Hopefully it intergrates well with addon assets!

    • BIS are usually really good with supporting any type of mod, chances are if you open a menu to select a car it’ll just list everything in the car class whether it’s a BIS internal or a 3rd party mod.

  • Now, if this was an article about DayZ, I’d still be scrolling down the page. Thanks for the 2 paragraphs.

  • Cool DLC, but i can see so many people being dicks with it.

    *deploys barricades around a tank*
    *drops lightning, missiles and helicopters on people every time they spawn*
    *creates an objective in the ocean and puts 50 boats around it*

    Surely they will need to implement things like

    – maximum alive objects
    – cooldowns
    – cant deploy in line of sight.

  • This kind of sound a little like what Natural Selection mod for HL was going to be like (did it ever come to fruition (RTS elements in the FPS?). Although this sounds like it could be significantly cooler!

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