Patrick Stewart Looks Fantastic In A Moon Rover Costume

Patrick Stewart Looks Fantastic in a Moon Rover Costume

All you have to do is follow Sir Patrick Stewart's Twitter to see he's always ready for some fun. So it's only slightly shocking to see him dressed as China's latest moon rover, which was also the topic of last night's Daily Show.

Watch Patrick Stewart's segment below, or head over to The Daily Show to check out the entire clip.


    So are geeks now going to over glorify Patrick Stewart and make him internet pop culture icon
    Like they did Chuck Norris?


      Uhhh, geeks have been glorifying Patrick Stewart for almost 25 years. You do remember how pretty much any parody of the internet in the early to mid 90s (and even later sometimes) would bring up kirk vs picard? They did so because there were actually arguments about the subject (though not nearly as many as the comedies would make you think).

      Are you kidding? He has always been glorified. For good reason as well. Star Trek Next Gen. X-Men.

      Are people migrating over here from SMH or something?

      He's been the King of Nerds for like 15 years now... Where have you been man?

    Comedy Central website won't show it to Aussies.

    mechanical issues, rover made in china did anyone not see this coming?

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