The Next Generation Of EverQuest Inches Closer

The next generation of EverQuest inches closer with the official launch of the EverQuest Next Landmark alpha test. Invitations to test the building portion of Sony Online Entertainment's two-pronged MMO revamp will be going out later today. Keep a keen eye on your inbox.


    Or you could be playing Wildstar... Just saying. >.>

      im signed up for beta and alpha for both, JUST NEED A KEY AND I CAN HAVE FUN YOU GUYS.

        My friend bought a key and then when he received his first monthly friend key I flogged it :D

      I'm going in-between both of these. I'm actually surprised at how addicted Everquest is, but I'm totally in love with Wildstar - but I just want the game out, so my characters don't get wiped :(

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