10 Countries That Have Blocked YouTube (And Why)

Past or present, some countries haven't been too happy with YouTube. Or, more accurately, with certain content that they have found on there. Which, if you really wanted to, you could probably find all sorts of offensive videos on there to get ban-worthy mad at. In Tina Country, for instance, there are only cute cat and dog videos on YouTube.

Alltime10s have collected 10 countries that have banned YouTube at one point of time or another, and explain the history behind the bans. The countries listed are: Brazil, Turkey, Germany, Libya, Thailand, Turkmenistan, China, North Korea, Iran, and Pakistan.

Not surprisingly some examples include some form of sexual scandal or political conflicts.


    The format of this video was rediculously annoying and trashy. Save yourself the time and get some decent information..


    Well, I was prepared to actually read an article here. How silly of me :P

      For those that don't want to watch the video (and you really don't, it's terrible), here's the content word-for-word:

      YouTube was blocked briefly in 2007 after a lawsuit by model Daniela Cicarelli. She wanted a sexy video of her and her boyfriend removed, leading to a short ban.

      Videos that insulted Turkishness led to bans between 2007-2010. The current Prime Minister is threatening another ban due to web leaks about alleged corruption.

      A 2009 rights dispute means clips with major label music, even in the background, are blocked. A 2013 study found that 60% of the top 1000 most viewed YouTube clips were censored.

      Banned in 2010 for videos of anti-government demonstrators and clips showing the Gaddafi family at parties. Access was restored in 2011 as Gaddafi was ousted.

      A 44-second slideshow containing defaced photos of Thailand's king led to the blocking of YouTube. The ban lasted for 5 months in 2007.

      The country's only ISP blocked YouTube in 2009 - no official reason was given. Citizens have to present a passport to use the web at an internet cafe.

      YouTube has been banned since 2009 and there are strict rules for web video. All uploads must be vetted to prevent vulgar material and protect young people's health.

      North Korea
      Only a few elites can access the real internet. Ordinary citizens have a national intranet called Kwangmyong with around 1000 sites - there's no YouTube.

      Due to protests after 2009's presidential election, YouTube was blocked. A government-run alternative called Mehr launched in 2012 to promote Iranian culture.

      Currently blocked for the anti-Islamic "Innocence of Muslims" clip uploaded in 2012. Authorities accidentally caused a global YouTube blackout in 2008 while enforcing another ban.

    I'd be fine with the Australian Government blocking Youtube comments...

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