Business Card Plays Tetris. Never Be Unemployed Again.

Business Card Plays Tetris. Never Be Unemployed Again.

Lots of people have business cards, but most cards are unfortunately kind of forgettable. Not this business card, though — this one is more likely to be a time sink, thanks to the playable Tetris it features.

Watch it in action:

The card belongs to Kevin Bateske, and it can be played for up to 10 hours. He used an Arduino board and an OLED display, and he's hoping to raise money to sell cards with similar interactive capacities according to his website.

You can read more about how this awesome card was constructed here. Now excuse me while I try to figure up out how to spruce up my own business card...

(Via Boing Boing)


    look at that subtle off-white coloring. the tasteful thickness of it. oh my god... it even has a watermark.

      Best kotaku comment this year haha. Thank you Mr Bateman.

    I prefer the egg shell with Romalian type myself but the watermark... oh my god, the watermark.

    EDIT: That was a reply for @commandercream!

    Last edited 05/03/14 9:40 am

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