Imagining Lyrics To Metroid

Imagining Lyrics To Metroid

Video games comedian Brentalfloss has had a long-running “What if video game songs had lyrics?” gag. His first, Mega Man 2, I featured five years ago, and we all had a great laugh. But now, with Metroid — one of gaming’s most beloved soundtracks — he and vocalist Alysha Umphress play it straight, and get it right.

Black, whose Brentalfloss comic we featured here, wrote the lyrics to “Fight for Love,” Umphress is is the singer. Animating the video is Oscar Diaz. You can get the mp3 of this song here.

Black says that three years ago he tried to conceive a musical backstory for Samus Aran. “Instead of focusing on her coldness and solitude, I wanted to flesh out a side of her we’ve never seen before,” he says.

So, even if the story they tell is non-canon, here are the words to Metroid‘s main theme, and the Brinstar anthem, which will never not be the best music in 8-bit history.

METROID: Fight for Love [Brentalfloss on YouTube]