The Newest Street Fighter Character Is...

The Newest Street Fighter Character Is...

The fifth and final new fighter to be added to the upcoming Ultra Street Fighter IV will be Decapre. She's new, while also being not new. It's weird.

She's not a new character, having first appeared briefly in Street Fighter Alpha 3 as an NPC (which you can see in the intro to the video below). But she is new as a playable fighter, and has a pretty great name, though I will now and forever know her as Evil Cammy.

Here's Capcom's excited description:


    Zero Suit Samus enters the fray!

    Also Krauser.

    Super Ultra Extreme Street Fighter Mega Edition: Double Awesome

    She'll get a lot of crap for just being a clone (literally, lol) but it looks like she plays totally different to Cammy.

      It's a case of Ryu and Ken then. Ken is really just Ryu with different hair. It wasn't until Super Street Fighter Zero Alpha Whatever extension name it was, when he got the firey uppercut that he was any actual different?

        nope - ken has been different to ryu since at least SF2. ken is quicker, ryu is slower but more powerful. my teenage years and thousands of hours (and dollars) playing SF2 attest to this :)

          Yep from Street Fighter 2 CE, Ken's dragon punch has a wider arc, also his hurricane kick (known as the egg beater) was much weaker then Ryu's.

          Ryu's dragon punch had a smaller arc but his hurricane kick was powerful enough to knock you on your ass, also not sure if it was introduced in SF2 CE or Hyper Fighting Ryu's hurricane kick had a moment on invincibility just after it was executed (you could pass through fire balls with it) which Ken's hurricane did not have.

            with the new challengers i think, you could dragon punch through fireballs, no damage (with ken at least) - i used to light dragon punch through them instead of jump or block

              I'm pretty sure that you could dragon punch through fireballs in SF1. Definitely could in World Warrior, with both Ken & Ryu.

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                Yep you sure could, we used to do it with both of them. In SF2 Ken and Ryu were exactly the same.

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            Yeah, since CE Ryu's moves tend to connect once or twice, where Ken's will connect multiple times. Except for the fireball, of course. Ken's the showboat, while Ryu is all about technique.

          Sorry it wasnt Alpha, but Chobi is right, it was Champion Edition, where you could select the same character. They had to differentiate the character, this is from the capcom forums:

          "In SF2 they are identical, while on CE and HF fireball and uppercut range differs from both of them plus the knockout of hurricane kick is different."

    It doesn't mention it in the article but she is a charge character. So while some of the normal moves are the same as Cammy's the play style is totally different.

      It looks like she's got a few of Cammy's moves but also some of Bison's and maybe even some that are a mixture of both their styles? Makes sense, although I won't be using her even though I am an avid Cammy user, I hate charge characters.

    There are huge parallels between the version of Decapre we have seen and the play style that Cammy has. The method of charge vs motion for their move-set makes not all too much difference. They are both heavy vortex characters. Their move-sets are different enough to make the appearance of disparity, but their play-style and game plans look identical.

    By the looks of it her vortex is based more off directional normals that special moves anyway.

    I thought the message to Capcom was clear about the the FGC's distaste for vortex characters... Ono why you add another one!

      curious - where do you see a charge move? unless you mean charging the super meter for a special? cos i couldnt see any charge moves like say guile or blanka?

        "She also has an air Cannon Drill which is a charge move, and a Hundred Hand Slap attack, similar to E. Honda." - Event hubs

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        After watching the exhibition match between combofiend and ryan hart, she looks like she fits ok.

    Looks like Cammy and Viper had a lesbian love child..

    This is awesome and all, but I can't get over the voices. She's a doll and she sounds Russian. The thing that really gets to me is Cammy's American voice in the cut scene. That's not how she sounds!NOOOOO!

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