Amazon Fire TV Controller: Solid, Not Special

H ere's a close-up look at the Fire TV's optional controller, which can be bought separately from Amazon's mini-console for $US40. It's a lot like an Xbox 360 controller, with some extra media buttons and a significantly worse d-pad.

You pretty much need it to play all those games on the Fire TV, and it comes with 1000 "Amazon Coins" ($10) and a free copy of the Amazon-developed Sev Zero.


    Is it compatible with any android device?

    They made a worse d-pad than the 360, now that takes talent.

    "a significantly worse d-pad."
    I find this impossible to believe.

    I can tell by the still image of the contrller just how cheap that D-Pad is...

    I have done turds that display better design than this.

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