An Internet Comment Thread For The Ages

An Internet Comment Thread For The Ages

In 99.99% of cases, someone correcting someone else on the internet results in dick behaviour. In rare instances, though, we get to see magic happen.

This post begins life as many other Tumblr/Reddit posts do, with a cute image that may or may not be fake. Rather than simply pass judgement and move on, though, this comment thread rolls its sleeves up and objects. Then debates. Then it rests its case.

If only Phoenix and co. could be there for all internet comment threads, the world would be a better place.

An Internet Comment Thread For The Ages
An Internet Comment Thread For The Ages

Know that’s just the opening statement. There’s an entire case to get through.

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  • Im tempted to say some people have too much time on their hands, but that was quite funny

  • for what its worth (and I realise I’m intentionally missing the point of the joke), it’s legit.

    notice how there’s two books to the left that don’t have spine labels?
    a few libraries will put the call number labels on the front, rather than the spine, if it is going to cover important information (like the author), or if it just wont fit.

    also, based on the books to the left (including “lowering the bar : lawyer jokes and legal culture”) the Phoenix Wright books would be in the right spot on the shelf based on the Dewey system.

    thirdly, the full pic on tumblr has a DVD with a label saying ‘Toledo Law Library’ bring up their catalogue & search for ‘Phoenix Wright’ in the title field & there – its on the catalogue.

    so yeah, the pic is legit.

    however, as a librarian, what I find hard to believe is that they’d go to the trouble of cataloguing them at all. especially to the level of detail to which they went.

    Edit: for anyone who gives a shit, heres a link to the cat record.,150,308,B/frameset&FF=tphoenix+wright+ace+attorney+volume++++1&1,1,/indexsort=-?save=b3148542


      This is the Internet. Am I supposed to whole-heartedly believe you would just come in there and tell us the truth?


    • We know the pic is legit, anyone who read the full post would have seen what you mention since that is the point of the post.
      We only see the start of the post here

  • here is a picture of the front cover of Vol 4 of Miles Edgeworth, notice the lack of square in the bottom left corner? now look at the small amount of the front cover you can see in the picture in this article and you can clearly see the beginnings of a white rectangle. so the labels on the front.

    Edit: Had to make the “L”s with my hands.

  • Utter brilliance. Made me want to play the games again. Hope the developers saw this and got a laugh.

  • Speaking of Internet Comment Threads, what the hell is going on with the comment system on the Allure Media websites (eg, Kotaku, Gizmodo, Lifehacker)??? It doesn’t show any comment stuff on the main pages at all, it thinks I’m constantly logged out (even though when I click login, it take me to my profile!), no discussion counts on the stories either… it’s up the creek.

  • Yeah i’ve noticed the same thing, good to know it’s not just me.
    Always says logged out up the top right, even though I can comment straight away without logging in, and yeah no ‘number of comments’ listed with each story.
    Been that way for about.. ohhh a month now I spose?

    edit; and now, after making one comment in the last 90 minutes, I try and post this comment and get an error ‘You are posting comments too quickly, slow down’. ugh.
    edit2; ffs, this was meant as a reply to Cameron above, but it’s screwed up

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