An Original Game Boy's Life, Animated

Most original Game Boys aren't being used to play games any more, but some are being used to make music. The opening credits to Europe In 8 Bits offer a colourful version of the journey a Game Boy takes to get from the factory to a chiptune concert.

The video above is the opening sequence for Europe In 8 Bits, an upcoming documentary about the chiptune music movement in Europe. Check it out here.


    That was.... beautiful!

    This is the reason why I've never thrown out an old console.... I've still got them all... They are too personal of an item to imagine being rid of. Even started some experimenting with some chiptune music on them too when not playing games on them.

    That is an amazing video! I keep coming back to chip tunes every year to see how the scene is going, get my modded Gameboy out and make some tunes myself. It is such a fun scene and this video totally sums it up.

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