Battlefield 4 Players Have Finally Found The Megalodon

Battlefield 4 Players Have Finally Found The Megalodon

Not only has the Megalodon that everyone was searching for finally been found, but it isn't disappointing in the least. Note how it gracefully explodes when it hits the water.

It's become apparent that the most interesting part of Battlefield 4 are the many easter eggs. They started with the Megalodon rumours, which nobody was initially able to find. It looks like the giant shark was added in Battlefield 4's Naval Strike DLC, on the Nansha Strike map. So what if it wasn't there all along, DICE came through and made everyone's dream a reality.

Here's another video from under the shark:

First video via , top image from

Video: JackFrags; Picture: Mattler119



      Needs more lens flare.

        That's JJ Abrams. If it was Bay, the Shark would explode mid air, explode when it hit the ground and explode whenever it ate someone, all in slow motion and all while a Linkin Park song played.

          And the military would somehow be involved, perhaps attempting to use the shark as a new superweapon

    This is what Rockstar need to do with that damn jet pack, just make a 'bug fix patch', or free innocent dlc, then BAM, all those easter egg jet pack videos can stop showing up in my damn YouTube must watch list

    Good, now DICE can stop working on easter eggs and FIX THE BLOODY GAME. Really the rubber banding in 64p Naval Strike maps is game ruining, and I was so excited for Carrier Assualt

      I don't rubber band, but the tick rate is still pretty horrendous.

        You must be one of the only ones. Everyone on the servers I've played have been complaining about it.

          I live remote as (Alice Springs), so that is strange.

          I totally don't either, neither does my brother...

            Sydney 24/7 server. Maybe its fixed? Or depends on time of day.

              Still there for me, it works fine some matches then it will just start rubber banding like crazy. No idea what causes it but its certainly intermittent.

                Yeah just played few rounds and it was very much still, oh and so is badmin.

    wasn't this supposed to be in Paracel Storm? It's too bad the game has proven itself as being a bug ridden piece of shit to bother spending money on dlc to see this.

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