New Album Disguised As Old PS2 Game

New Album Disguised As Old PS2 Game

I'm a sucker for gimmick record packaging, and it doesn't get more gimmicky (and awesome) as Cex's latest album, which comes packed inside an old PS2 case and features GameFaqs-style print-outs for liner notes.

Shipping in recycled GameStop PS2 pre-owned cases, the notes are the real highlight, as they nail old-school GameFaqs guides, right down to the drama footnotes.

Even the CD is printed out like an old PS2 game.

Shamaneater [Automation Records]

New Album Disguised As Old PS2 Game


    Reminds me a bit of Bully with the shield.

    Anything happen when you chuck the disc in a ps2?

    Part of the joke is that the artists namecex is short for cash_exchange a chain of tech/game focused second hand stores in the UK, just the sort of place one might expect to find old ps2 games.

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