New TV Show Makes A Pretty Good Joke About Mass Effect’s Ending

The characters on HBO’s new show Silicon Valley work in tech, and they clearly know a thing or two about video games. So when it comes time to articulate the pointlessness of one of their peers, they have got a pretty solid frame of reference to work with.

In this scene from last night’s episode, the guys are discussing the possible ouster of “Big Head,” their friend who… well, he’s not all that useful. As Martin “Glad He Keeps Getting To Be On Shows” Starr’s character Gilfoyle opines, Big Head shares that uselessness with the widely criticised ending of a certain popular video game series.

And hey, while we’re here: Silicon Valley is pretty funny so far. Nice to see Mike Judge on his game.


  • I guess “good” here is used pretty loosely.

    Also shows the problem when people use modern gags or try to modernise something. Not only does it become dated but by the time it does air everybody else has already moved on. Only South Park can really keep a good modern joke based on the fact that they make their episodes within a week.

    • even then it sometimes requires local knowledge – this season had an episode revolving largely around Baseball-ish issues and it made less sense to many outside the US.

    • I think the joke was alright, but then he had to explain it for people who might be watching this show but don’t know what Mass Effect 3 is. If you have to explain your joke, it’s not a good pop-culture reference.

      I do appreciate the point of the scene was to pile as much shit on that one guy as possible, but maybe that means that a pop-culture reference wasn’t suitable for the scene, or a more broad reference that would have been a sick burn in and of itself. They could have referred to him as the Highlander 2 of people, for instance.

  • That sort of pop culture referential humor works in animated comedies, but in live action stuff it just feels a bit odd.

    • I don’t think it works anywhere. The Shrek movies have aged rather horribly and I still can’t force myself to watch Family Guy.

      • The first one hasn’t done too bad, because it was able to draw on a larger stretch of pop culture, whereas subsequent ones were a bit more limited to only what had happened since the previous film’s release. Also, Dreamworks put more effort into the first one.

        • Part 1 used ‘timeless’ pop culture references that everyone got. It was charming. 2 – 4 though relied on stuff immediately relevant and lost that charm bigtime.

  • i played mass effect

    i dont get it

    and i already saw this episode. the scene was funny, but the joke wasnt

    • The joke is that a massive chunk of the community thought the multiple endings in ME3 were pointless and not needed. Just like this guy.

  • It’s like they stole that joke from the Big Bang theory. I hope they stop making cheap, pandering jokes.

    • Ditto. Careful though, back in the day people like you and I were burned at the stake for saying this. 😉

  • How is comparing him to the ending funny? That was the joke, that was it, he’s like the ending? And you made an article about it.

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