Creator Of iPhone Game Boy Emulator Says Nintendo Made Him Pull It

Creator Of iPhone Game Boy Emulator Says Nintendo Made Him Pull It

For a few months now, an app called GBA4iOS has allowed iPhone users to take advantage of a system loophole in order to play Game Boy and Game Boy Advance games without jailbreaking their phones.

But if you didn't get the app before yesterday, you might be out of luck — Nintendo has filed a takedown notice, according to Riley Testut, the high-school student who created the emulator."


    What system loophole, exactly?

    Cool story.

      I remember downloading this a few months back but it ran like Poo on my iPhone 4. From my understanding the loop hole was a "Date of creation" thing. Before hitting download on the site, it asked you to change your time and date to eg: "april 2012" once the download was complete you could change back. It was an app but not through the app store.

    Ofcourse he got a take down notice. I really hope he wasn't just thinking that he was untouchable.

      Does it really matter that he made an emulator for a platform that isn't making Nintendo any money? Unless they aim to release their own emulator and charge for it. It's not like you can still buy brand new Game Boy games.

        Virtual Console.

        There is a little thing called Virtual console on 3DS and wiiU. LOL. It's a store where Nintendo allows you to purchase older games. All hail King Muppet.

          Ooooooh. THAT'S why. Makes sense then. (Sorry, have not used my Nintendo for a while now since the ex took the Wii when she moved out).

    Why am I finding out about this AFTER the takedown? :-(

      why did you never Google "iphone gameboy emulator"?

        Because I (/probably jdrive) never thought one of those would make it to the legit store :(

          When did it make it to the legit store?

            Not sure but it's gone now, sucks.

              Too slow, Nate dog. It wasn't in the actual app store anyway, it was installed through Safari from a Github page.

                Nate Dog.... my secret identity is getting out !!!!

              It was never on the legit store, you aren't reading the article correctly.

    its wasn't through the legit app store. but you could install the app without jailbreaking the phone normally through places like coolrom.

    Of course they bloody did, and now every man and his dog is going flood the store with copies

    meanwhile over in Android land you can install and play any nintendo emulators that you want

      Well over in jailbreak land you can do the same thing on your iphone.
      If you are going to compare illegal to legal, it doesn't make much sense.
      If you are going illegal anyway, then jailbroken iphones can run whatever they like.

    Main reason it was removed was because it let you download roms straight from the app, the app was obviously very open that it was for piracy, lot's of emulators are on github and don't get removed, this one facilitated piracy so was removed.

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