Hellraid Jumps To Current Gen, Looks Even More Like The Elder Scrolls

Hellraid Jumps To Current Gen, Looks Even More Like The Elder Scrolls

Originally slated for release on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC, Techland’s first-person co-op hackand-slash role-playing game Hellraid is riding an upgraded game engine to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One instead.

Announced last year, the dark and gritty Hellraid drew many comparisons to Bethesda’s The Elder Scrolls series, sharing a similar colour palette, perspective and fantasy setting. The game is more action-focused, however, with an eye on building combos and generating high scores. The game features a story mode, a series of challenge modes and an arena, each of which can be played co-op with 2-4 players.

Here’s what Hellraid looked like in 2013:

And here’s the game as it stands now, powered by the same proprietary Chrome Engine 6 behind Techland’s upcoming survival horror game Dying Light:

Hellraid has come a long way over the past year. A new engine, some fresh features and a bit of polish, and suddenly it’s a game I’m looking forward to playing.

Hellraid is coming to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC later this year, with Steam Early Access launching in August.


  • i did not realise that its 2015 already and the game will be out on early access sometime during autum which means september to november. August is winter!

  • Glad that their taking the time to give the game some spit and polish. I read this was initially just gonna be a Dead Island spin off but now I think they’re trying to develop a proper IP. Looks good!

  • Had a look, no splitscreen co-op. I can see the frustration from the previous generation of having few games to play through side by side with my missus is going to continue. It makes complete sense that as technology has gotten faster and more powerful that gaming options decrease. Why’s it only Nintendo only understands this?

    Ah well, I was interested, but as a co-op game that you can’t play locally I’ll pass

    • Out of curiosity, could you play Dead Island splitscreen co-op? That was another actiony Techland game so maybe they just have form in that regard.

    • I agree completely, Nintendo is the only company that seems to be interested in couch co-op, although a decent enough pc with 2 monitors can run most multiplayer games on the same system in splitscreen.

  • This is an interesting one – something I’d be happy to play in co-op with the missus.

  • This is what I need. A Co-Op game. Not a Team Deathmatch, not a MOBA,and not a strategy (Starcraft etc). Something I can mindlessly enjoy with mates 🙂

  • a few devs have come out and said that local co-op split screen is very resource hungry and to do there is a significant drop in FPS and resolution. I understand that sure you are doubling the amount of stuff you may need to put on the screen at the same time. BUT how could i do it on a ps2 etc and the graphics never looked different or no noticable drop in frame rate?

  • Hellraid! Deathkiller! Sabredeath! Raidhell! Hellraid Deathkiller! Deathsabre!

    Sounds like a writer from Neighbours came up with that name….

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