My God, It’s Full Of Emoji

My God, It’s Full Of Emoji

Sometimes in our workaday life, we get dragged down by the little things in life — the humdrum of it all. We often forget that there’s a sublime universe of limitless icons out there.

So here’s something that might help:

Step 1: open up Emoji.Zone. Blow it up to full screen.

Step 2: Play some soothing ambient music — Boards of Canada or Enya, maybe a bit of 2001 music if you’re feelin’ upbeat. Bonus points for adding Carl Sagan’s soothing voice.

Step 3: Stare into it, and realise that the universe is full of awe and majesty, and you are just an insignificant emoji in its maddening vastness.

[via Laughing Squid]


  • wouldnt have a clue what emoji is, but if its anything like goji then your in for a rough night on the can

    • It’s like an emoticon. As in, “there is no emoticon for what I am feeling right now” – Comic Book Guy.

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