Mysterious Fighting Game Gets A New Trailer

Mysterious Fighting Game Gets A New Trailer

Necrostorm has released a new trailer for the fighting game Death Cargo, which we covered in a piece last week about the incredible allegations that the game might not exist. The new video highlights a range of different characters in addition to a fresh batch of appropriately gory deaths.

In other words, it’s exactly the sort of blood-drenched gameplay that’s had fighting game fans excited for Death Cargo since it was first announced in 2011:

Necrostorm assured me last week that there were over six thousand satisfied Death Cargo customers who have been enjoying the supremely violent nineties-style fighting game since it first launched in March. A Necrostorm representative explained to me that there isn’t gameplay footage available online yet because the company was required by Italian intellectual property law to prevent any such footage or imagery from being posted. This prohibition was lifted once the new trailer went live.

I still haven’t been able to play the digital version of the game I purchased last week. Since posting my original story, I’ve also heard from a number of other Death Cargo customers beyond those originally interviewed who’ve had similar experiences when trying to install and play it. The Necrostorm representative told me that I would have to wait until Wednesday, May 14, to be able to play it since the file creation process can take up to five days to complete. I first purchased my copy on Friday, May 9.

The Necrostorm representative also told me that the company’s satisfied customers in this case are more often fans of the studio’s trademark “splatter films” than they are seasoned gamers. As such, she didn’t think they were as familiar with online gaming communities or the process of posting gameplay footage online as seasoned gamers often are. Since the embargo only lifted eight hours ago, she suggested that it may take a bit longer than usual to start seeing additional gameplay footage surface as a result.


  • What a crock of shit from these people lol. They can’t make a blanket statement like that. ‘They’re more fans of splatter films’. I’m a MASSIVE splatter film fan yet I have my own youtube account, have captured my own video in Rust, edited it, posted it, used my PS4 to capture video and pictures…. bitch get your act together, you’re conning people *and* you know it.

    • Yeah, it looks bad. I actually saw slowdown during that trailer.

      Regardless, the gameplay just looks meh. I realise they are going for a more 90’s style fighting game but geez, it looks about as basic as you can get, with a small character roster too.

  • Sorry, but is there something I’m missing here? The game looks like 7 shades of shit…

  • Looks like a music video for a Glam Death Metal band or Industrial like Death Stars or Eisenfunk

  • 22 Years later and no-ones been able to digitized characters to look right apart from Midway/NetherRealm Studios.

    • Have you seen/played Dong Dong Never Die?

      The animation is a little rough, but the digitized characters look good

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