Meet Far Cry 4's Handsome Star

Meet Far Cry 4's Handsome Star

Briefly: This is Ajay Ghale — aka who you'll play as when you're off exploding elephants or whatever it is you choose to do in Far Cry 4.


    This render makes way more sense than what was shown at E3. Ajay is supposed to be half Kyrati, which this looks like. The character model you see in the E3 demo when Pagan Min takes the selfie looked more like Jason "Abercrombie and Fitch" Brody.

      I lol'd at "Jason "Abercrombie and Fitch" Brody." Man that guy was a douche.

        Haha, I figured it fit because he was such a generic American college jock. Seriously though, he was a really crappy protagonist.

    What a handsome man we'll rarely see due to first person perspective ;)

    But really. Handsome.

    I like how he doesnt look like your "typical" game hero.

      INB4: "He looks exactly like your typical game hero... A MAN!!!" or have we moved on?

      I just played sleeping dogs, and while Wei is clearly asian, he's still clearly a handsome muscle bound man - so not that atypical. Kind of like this guy probably. I really liked Wei though. And his flying spin kick.

    So this is the game Kotaku tried to tell us was racist?

    Now how am I supposed to compete with Mr Chiseled Features up there. Unrealistic!!! Now if you'll excuse me, I have a tub of icecream to eat.

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