16 Minutes Of New Dragon Age: Inquisition Gameplay

Video: Straight outta BioWare, here's a big chunk of the Dragon Age: Inquisition demo that was shown to attendees at E3. The game's out October 7 for current-gen and last-gen consoles (minus Wii U).


    Ahhhhh! Why you do this Kotaku!

    I really want to watch this but I don't want to spoil this game.. can't I have some surprises!

      My thoughts exactly. Still... Only 89 more days to go... :/

        It seems much longer when you say it like that. Less than three months is what i'm going with.

          The problem with 3 months is that its close enough to feel soon but still far enough away to feel like ages.

    And PC ...

      Don't mess with me Stickman.. I swear if this is some bullshit PC port I'm going to start playing sports instead.

        You really think someone would do that? Just go on the Internet and tell lies?

        It's coming to PC... or at least Origin has it listed.

          I know its coming to PC I just don't know how much of it is coming to PC.. I'm worried I'll have another Watch_dogs on my hands.. That is still unplayable fyi

            Is this game full multiplayer or co-op so I can do this stuff with friends - Im a bit over solo single player story games.

    Argh, I think I'm going to have to take the whole of October off work.

    ROFL! "Think of the mayhem .... the maaaayhem!"

    I'm super keen for this.
    After all the browns of the past games this looks very colourful.

    Also, that new engine means they can apparently model the weapons so that they don't hover a foot or so behind the player.

    Looking at the playsystem for some reason it kinda reminds me of The Witcher 2

    Man, that frostbite engine has never looked better!

    Am I the only one a bit dubious? I mean, I give it full points for graphical pretties, but what I saw there looked closer to an MMO than the tactical evolution of Dragon Age: Origins I was hoping for.

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