Camera Crew Leaks Team's Strategy At $10 Million Tournament

Camera Crew Leaks Team's Strategy At $US10 Million Tournament

There are millions of dollars up for grabs in this year's big DOTA 2 tournament, The International. So when a camera crew accidentally leaked one team's strategy for the competition, that team was understandably pissed.

A crew from Chinese esports company Gamefy is at the tournament, and despite lacking permission from organisers Valve to do so, entered the off-limits player's rooms of Team DK (pictured below) just before a match and started filming. They recorded, and subsequently broadcast, Team DK's "core strategy" for not just that match, but the entire competition.

Camera Crew Leaks Team's Strategy At $US10 Million Tournament

While Team DK went on to win that match, the fact their fundamental strategy has since been exposed and spread across the planet has all but sunk their chances of taking out the millions in prize money on offer.

Gamefy have since apologised in a statement (translated by Redditor Bikinii) on their official site, claiming that the footage was uploaded "accidentally".

Dear DK players and beloved dota 2 fans,

Gamefy's film personnel entered and began filming the player's rooms without the permission of Valve and Team DK, and accidentally uploading the sensitive information. We sincerely apologise for our actions.

We acknowledge the problems and frustration that were caused to team DK by the video, and we are fully aware of the hurt that was caused to dota 2 fans. According to Valve Corperation's rules and regulations, the personnel responsible cannot continue to participate in TI4 news reporting; We will also strictly adhere to the rules of the organising committee. Without further permission from valve, we will not enter player's rooms to conduct any kind film work.

Lastly, we would hope for forgiveness and understanding from all of team DK, all dota 2 fans and lovers, and other TI 4 players; and let us put our passion and enthusiasm into the reporting of the next phase of the tournament.

We hereby apologise.

A further statement was issued by a Gamefy producer defending the reporter responsible in the face of a subsequent internet witchhunt. You can read that here.

Gamefy apologise for leaking Team DK's tactics at The International [PCGamesN]


    Honestly, if DK dont win, Gamefy should offer to pay the difference between what they win at the tournament and first prize. They are blantanly in the wrong on this one. One or more of their reporters did the wrong thing and they have got to own it if they don't want backlash.

    accidentally leaked is the wrong word as the cameras were not allowed in that room for the beginning, if anything these guys should be fined and banned from every TI for life due to the damage they have done. Also how do you accidentally upload something, name the title and release the video?

      Yeah there's so much bullshit in their reply. DK must be spewing.

      If cameras are not allowed in the areas they were in then how did someone not stop them, including the team being filmed?....

    Could just sue them for potential loss of money 10 Million? :P

    If they were secretly filming a change room then theres probably a few laws broken as well

    Shit, how staunch do they look in that picture.

      They are (from left to right): Scaredy, Sleepy, Confusedy, Contemplatey and Jeffery.

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