Heroes Of The Storm Now Has Local Australian Servers

Blizzard has just announced that local Heroes of the Storm Australian servers have been deployed in Australia with immediate effect.

So if you're one of the lucky people with early access to this game as part of its 'Technical Alpha', now might be as good a time as any to give it a bash.

Heroes of the Storm is a multiplayer online battle arena game that draws on characters from almost every Blizzard universe in existence. Blizzard themselves are calling it a 'Hero Brawler'. There's no official release date in sight, but the Alpha is ongoing.

Also worthy of note: Blizzard is not sending out Alpha keys at this time and, in a press release sent out this morning, warned players to be wary of phishing scams in emails pretending to be Alpha keys. Anyone being added to the Alpha will be done so directly through Battle.Net accounts, so check there, not your inbox. Watch out people, don't let your enthusiasm for this game get the better of you.


    Cool, so Diablo 3 got Aussie servers, and now this unreleased game...StarCraft will get Aussie servers soon right? Right...?



      I was going to say the same thing about WoW. Perhaps before the next expansion hits.

      Going to guess that local servers for those games will be a huge, huge job.

        WoW yes (because they'll need to physically relocate players)... Starcraft not so much, I would assume it would be very similar to how D3 works with NA authentication but then local Australia instances.

        TBH, if they bothered with Aussie servers for WoW, I'd consider jumping back on after my self imposed exile. A man can only stand 200+ ms ping for so long...

      Best way to rectify the situation would be to increase our population.....clearly the appropriate course of action is to get out there and procreate as frequently as humanly possible.

    I got an invite, will have to leave work early today to give it a shot!

    I'd love to know how they determine who gets an invite. I got one for WoD, but no HotS invite. But my friend, who's account is as active and been around as long as mine, got both.

      Don't worry too much about invites. If we follow how Blizzard sends out Hearthstone keys, more and more accounts will be flag for beta with each passing week.

    Just got an invite to this today, along with one of my mates. Looks like I'll have to give it a go. Now if only I had internet that could download a game in less than a week.

    got the invite but tried a versus game and it was not AU server. Had crazy ping

    great, now i'm going to be staring at my email all week waiting for an invite....

    Been playing it most of today, not to bad really. A bit sluggish when it comes to movement but it is alpha lol

    i downloaded my Copy last night and played till the early hours of the morning today and i'm getting a high Ping... maybe the news wasn't Clarified Properlly... maybe these Aussie servers will go live once we get into BETA or when it goes live.


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