Kids Think The Original Game Boy Is A Piece Of Junk

When I was in the age range of the children in The Fine Bros. latest “Kids React” video, I would have gladly sold any one of them for a Nintendo Game Boy.

Then again, if we’d had “Kids React” videos back when I was a child, I’m pretty sure our generation’s parents would have taken measures to ensure they didn’t continue. Maybe we should go back to just telling kids about what we used to do, instead of showing them and letting them make us feel bad about it.


  • I was in the target age group when the Game Boy came out, and -I- thought it was a piece of junk. The crappy games, almost unusable screen, and battery guzzling power consumption weren’t any more palatable in the age of the Master System and NES than they are today. Its strong sales can mostly be attributed to “people are stupid, and parents buying technology for kids are even stupider”.

    • They might have been crap in the day, granted. Imagine listening to your favorite band live and then going home to listen to it on vinyl. Trying to tune your television into the local station and getting nothing but static black and white images with shitty sound. Hell think back just 15 years ago and bouncing your portable cd player around to much and having it freeze for x amount of time.

      Its not about how good it was. Its about how good it can be. Baby steps. If we don’t have the game boy then do we have the ds or the 3ds, the psp or even remote play on vita? Things arent perfect first time but are revolutionary for their time, what else did you expect?

    • It shouldn’t even be an article. We dont care about little kids opinion about old treasures of the past.

        • so you care about a kids opinion on gaming which they have no idea what they are ?
          i stand by my statement and the guy above mine, the Fine Bros are just pushing crap after crap about what kids and elderly think about old stuff. What makes it worst is they pick some of the dumbest kids who would respond like this.

          • I don’t necessarily care about one individual childs’ opinion, but I find their shocked and bewildered reactions pretty funny, when it’s something that I and most people my age are fully accustomed to.

            I imagine it’s much the same as when I first discovered a record player… It’s second nature to my parents and their friends, but I’d guess my confusion would be funny to them.

          • I like these videos too. Some people on here need to relax a bit and not watch something if they don’t like it!

            I can relate to do doing the same with old devices and things when I was a kid and being fascinated by it. I remember digging through my mother’s/uncle’s toys, seeing things like Meccano and so on.

            If anything, these videos are a great illustration of how far we have come. It is amazing to think that that was cutting-edge portable gaming tech not that long ago.

  • A bunch of overacting, pretentious brats saying some things very loudly in a youtube video isn’t a very appealing watch.

    • Yeah, but they also made them play tetris, not exactly the best shining example of the original gameboy.
      Also donkey kong, zelda, pokemanz. etc.

        • I had one, had a light that came on so u could play it in dark places. Pretty sure the advertising had a kid playing it under the covers and his mum didnt notice. Badass.

  • “The gaming device is stupid. They can’t sense peoples skin, you have to actually press buttons.”

    Oh God.

  • Kids Think The Original Game Boy Is A Piece Of Junk
    Since when does a kids opinion on stuff matter? What do they know? They barely can feed themselves and wipe their arses by themselves.

    • Plus we’re bigger than them, make more money than them, can eat what we want, go to bed when we want, own cooler shit, and are just better! Punk brats! :p

    • Comedy value.

      I had to explain to my friends what a Walkman was. After giving him the details he said “Ooooh, so it was like an old school iPod” Then we all laughed at him/with him but mostly at him

  • I think kids these days are pieces of junk.

    *runs away sobbing, clutching childhood memories protectively*

    • I agree in some ways of what you say. However its their parents who are also pieces of junk for not letting them know that these are tech treasures from the past. Parents these days….

    • I’ve TRIED to keep my hand-held consoles in mint condition, but I fail everytime.

      You either play with it, or you put it in a glass case to appreciate from afar / have someone 30 years later handle it and you (being an old fart) will have a heart attack over it.

  • F*cking punk kids these days!

    Then again, I thought it was junk too, but that was because I had a Game Gear…

    • I remember wanting a Game Gear so badly as a kid. Color! Want! I finally got a chance to use a friend’s and I was utterly mortified that it took 8 (?) AA batteries and it only lasted around 2 hours before it went flat. My GB that took 4 AA batteries and lasted hours and hours suddenly didn’t seem so bad.

  • Oh my god.
    I give around 15 flying noodles to what kids think. Today, they was skin detecting asswiping thin boxes of crap that costs twelvethousand sandwiches, and they don’t wanna do anything. “You have to press actual buttons!”
    OH GOD

  • the kid that said “its an iphone cover” needs to be smacked…

    entitled little brats… that said the asian kid in the green seemed to get it… good for him

  • The gameboy was a piece of junk. Even at the time the only interesting thing was it’s portability, the games (at least the ones I saw from the people I knew who had them) were pretty shit.

    Technologically interesting for sure but nothing that ever inspired me to buy one

  • “Girls can play this, why can’t it be called Game boy/girl”

    Oh jeez. Fucking kill it. Kill it now, with fire.

    Next-generation feminist scum.

    • I’m happy as long as she doesn’t become a sociopathic misandrist, the type of female who gives feminism a bad name, stop dragging their male-bashing matters into the feminist movement for gender equality.

  • Also, the kids they put on these shows are always the dumbest fucking kids you could possibly find.

  • This makes me so sad for the next generation. So caught up in the “now” and no respect for the past. Heck, I guess it’s because I grew up during the time of technological advancement that created these devices that I have a respect for it.

    My first “console” was a SEGA SC3000, where I had to program the games by hand.
    My first PC experience was an old monocrome thing that used the real floppy discs, then an Apple Mac before hitting the PC world (Windows 3.11 baby!) when I got to high school
    My first handheld was a GameBoy.

    Luckily now that I’m an older brother to one of that generation in the video, I’ve pushed him to play NES, SNES and GameBoy games early. I’ve shown him emulations of older computers so he knows the past and respects it. Unlike the parents of the kids in the video whom only give them the new stuff and that’s it.

    • “This makes me so sad for the next generation. So caught up in the “now” and no respect for the past.”

      This. We can say the younger generation will always be out of touch to the past, but everyone I know who are my age were playing older games when they were younger, and were listening to music and watching movies made way before they were born. It’s all in the upbringing.

      My nephew is 9, and we regularly bring out the Mega Drive to co-op Streets of Rage 2, or play Sonic, and listen to old music together. He even knows what VHS tapes are. He got his serving of Ducktales and Chip and Dale: Rescue Rangers that way. He’s also nuts for the Sega Saturn and Dreamcast.

      I wish more kids out there were like my nephew and your brother 🙂

  • My wife and I decided not to have kids. Thank god. These little self entitled brats need a good smack around the ear. Good god, what do parents teach their kids these days? I’d belt my kid if they talked like that and acted so self entitled.

    Don’t like kids and never will. Who the fuck cares what a couple of fuck witted kids think?

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