Looks Like There's A Female Assassin In The Newest AC: Unity Video

Looks Like There's A Female Assassin In The Newest AC: Unity Video

We can't tell who she is, and it's unlikely that she's playable. But it nevertheless looks like Assassin's Creed: Unity, like earlier games in the series, will have female assassins. No comment from Ubisoft.

The lady appears briefly at around the 7:24 mark of a new making-of video posted today by gaming site IGN.

Unity, which takes place in Revolutionary France, was criticised by some journalists and fans during E3 for not including the option to play as female assassins despite the inclusion of customisation options and co-op play. One of the criticisms was that, simply, the most famous assassin from the real French Revolution was a woman, so an absence of female assassins would be weird. Ubisoft promised to show female characters prior to the game's October release. This must be our first glimpse.


    I really hope this isn't simply pandering.

    The problem with this "no females allowed" problem is the way Ubisoft handled the accusations, giving shitty reasons for the lack of female characters and not explaining what they were planning to do with the game.

    Looks like a mix between Ellen Page and Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite.

    Seriously "No comment from Ubisoft" should be their moto.

    I will laugh if this female character has no animations and just floats about

    Can we please stop talking about this? Every game in the series has had female characters, this isn't news. The entire complaint against Ubisoft over this is ridiculous, because as they've repeatedly stated, you can only play as Arno.
    Even when playing 4 player co-op, everyone plays as Arno.
    The people complaining that the customisation options don't include choosing your gender are essentially complaining that Arno can't get a sex change partway through the campaign. It's silly.

      It's not about the lack of option, it was about Ubisofts response to that lack of options.

        That they would have liked to have women in the game but they would have been a pain in the ass to animate?

        Yep, that’s the reality of game development. It’s not until people started shrieking “My gender is not too much effort!” that this whole thing blew up.

        The reality is that animating a female characters movements, redoing facial animations for an entire single player campaign and duplicating an entire games worth of male dialogue would have been a fairly large amount of work. One that isn’t undertaken for the vast majority of titles.

        By gaming standards Ubisoft, and the AC series, have a very good track record of including female characters. They’re only 2 games removed from a black, female character being the lead of one of their games.

        They said they wanted women in and I believe them. They said it wasn’t possible in the time limit and I thought that was reasonable too.
        The people blowing up are doing it because of a poorly worded press release and that’s all. It’s unreasonable “gotcha” hysteria that doesn’t take into account the reality of game development and unfairly ignores their past record.

        But getting really upset is a lot of fun too right?

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      You can however play as a black or at least mixed race Arno though I believe.

    People keep bringing up the same woman to be a female assassin as playable character, why?
    She killed one person and was executed. Shortest. Game. Ever.


    Am I the only person who thought that Ubisofts reaction to the previous accusations was valid?

      Where they said that adding in female animations would make twice the work?

      Well it might have been valid if a former Ubisoft animation director didn't turn around and say it would take days at best. Even went on to say that the Aveline was just Conners reused animations with only a few changes to animations like walking and running.

        It's not hard to see how it would be double the work, considering that they've only animated one playable character, and having the option to play as a woman would make that two. Two characters takes twice as much work as one, that makes sense. Aveline was the main character of a not-that-great Vita game, so I don't think we can really compare that to their first game made for 8th generation hardware.
        I don't think that's the only reason though, and I think Ubisoft handled the whole thing badly. That seems to be the big thing in gaming news lately; focusing on every word developers and publishers say and making into something newsworthy. Hell, people are still quoting the "Xbox One needs to be online every 24 hours" thing that one guy at MS kind of said when pressed, even though it wasn't strictly true.

        EDIT: Actually, let's just apply that to everything Don Mattrick said during that entire year. The people working on the hardware had great ideas, but Mattrick was a massive tool. Ubisoft suffers from a similar problem: good ideas, bad PR.

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        I dunno. Was this former animation director working on AC Unity? While I know it wouldn't be beyond Ubisoft to lie, I remember they said they did the new animation in Unity from the ground up, and therefore were not using the base from AC 1 to 4. In that case then yeah they'd need a new set for women.

    So this is a thing now?
    Every game will have an "Ellen Page" character?

      So true.

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