Remember This?

I went home yesterday safe in the knowledge that I had stumped you all one more time. Then Gunny had to drop by at 2 in the morning AND SPOIL EVERYTHING.

So congrats Gunny — yesterday's Remember This was Herzog Zwei on the Mega Drive. Great work man, really great guess.

I think today's might be a little easy, but have at it regardless!


    Biker Mice from Mars!

      Can Serrels make the next one Biker Mice from Mars! so this guy stops?

        Doesn't work that way. It's the one day he doesn't post that Mark will make it that answer. Shane learned that the hard way with his "The Dig" answer

          on more than one occasion if I remember correctly

          It made it even better that it was a kotaku author who stole his joke that day and it actually was the dig.

        bubble bobble????? like old school bubble bobble, not fancy new graphics BB.

    Was there a high res version of Sopwith? I only had the ancient CGA one on my colossal 80s "laptop".

      I friggen loved the absolute crap out of Sopwith as a kid.

      Have a high-five!

        Blue, pink and white freezeframe

        I think games have gone downhill since they started using more than 4 colours.

        Last edited 18/07/14 1:19 pm

        I'm with ya on the Sopwith love. Been thinkin' bout that game heaps since picking up Luftrausers on sale.

        Last edited 18/07/14 2:21 pm

    1942 as seen from the often undiscovered 'ground view' option in the main menu

    Sky Kid

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