Special Frozen PS4 Kinda Bothers Me Anyway

Special Frozen PS4 Kinda Bothers Me Anyway

Japan being Japan, they're getting another fancy new custom PS4 console before anyone else. Only this time, it's not related to a game. It's for a movie. You may have heard of it.

To cash in on the upcoming release of Frozen on Blu-Ray/DVD/whatever, Sony Japan is releasing this custom PS4 that features a fairly simple outline of Anna, Elsa and some snowflakes. It will come bundled with a copy of the movie.

It's...OK? I mean, Frozen nuts may go...nuts for it, but all it does for me is remind me how bad most of these custom PS4 designs have been. How lazy they are. The PS3 was great for these kind of limited deals, with badass, all-over designs like this one. Every custom PS4 we've seen just puts a little graphic on the top HDD panel. The controller is entirely unchanged.

The weirdest part is, a white PS4 is a thing that exists. And this, a movie set entirely in the snow, isn't using it.

Special Frozen PS4 Kinda Bothers Me Anyway


    Solid word play on the title ;)
    (btw, best movie of 2014)

    Ah man, are we still talking about Frozen? Can't everybody just let it go.

      I've never watched it but I literally know the song from all the shit in the internet... We can't escape it.

      Last edited 11/07/14 5:37 pm

    Probably because it's not being sold yet (white PS4) at the time of the modding

      It's Sony producing these consoles rather than someone else modding exiting ones, so that doesn't sound like a valid reason.

    This may just also have something to do with Frozen being the third ranked top grossing film in Japan, coming in under Titanic and Spirited Away, but beating Princess Mononoke and Howl's Moving Castle.

      God i love Spirited Away, still waiting for the damn blu ray to come out, wish they would hurry up and release it.

    Frozen? How to train your dragon 2 is better than frozen and a Howls moving Castle edition PS4 would be awesome! If I had a 3d printer I would mod my own PS4s.

    to cash in on? this must be licensed as its a disney ip - i wonder how much they are really making per console to justify it?

    Erm. Why does it say "Frozen" on the PS4? The movie isn't called "Frozen" in Japan, it's called Anna and the snow princess (in Japanese). :|

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