Still The Best Optional Objectives Of 2013.

Still the best optional objectives of 2013.


    I think this could be the single worst article I have ever come across.

    If it weren't for the tags, I would have no idea what this is about.
    That being said, I still have no idea what this is about.

    The one liners are back. Welcome to reddit/kotaku

      Well of they wrote two lines they would put the article to shame.

    I'm surprised the tags weren't "still, the, best, optional, objectives, of, 2013"

    It's a shame that writing intelligent articles is an optional objective :'(

    Are better ones likely to appear, given that 2013 is over?

    This is impressively bad, even for Kotaku. Maybe it could be helped with a GIF or 14.

    Congratulations new bashcraft, you have become the teacher.

    also, "Still" implies that it is possible that the best optional objectives of 2013 could change... considering we are in 2014, kirk may need to start working on a time machine...

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