Batman Spotted On A Japanese Highway

Batman Spotted on a Japanese Highway

Over the weekend, Twitter user Ryuuchan saw something most unusual on the highway: Batman. And not just Batman, but Batman on a Batcycle (nee, Batpod).

Compare with The Dark Knight Rises:

Batman Spotted on a Japanese Highway

Ryuuchan certainly seemed surprised, and these photos, which were taken in Chiba Prefecture, have since been uploaded to 2ch, Japan's largest webforum, and numerous sites like Byoukan Sunday.

Batman Spotted on a Japanese Highway

千葉の高速にバットマンがいた笑 こんな人いるのかよΣ [@snsd_mumin]


    That keep looks a bit dangerous near the back wheel..

    How did I know this would be in Chiba?

    I saw a Back to the Future Delorean there. I saw the Ghostbusters car there. I saw Hummers, Lamborghinis, old hot rods, more than one Cat Bus and a bunch of other stuff. There used to be a luchadore who danced outside Chiba station.

    Chiba is just weird about cars. And dressing up.

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