The New Batman Sure Looks Sad

The New Batman Sure Looks Sad

Yesterday, we got our first look at Zack Snyder's Batman — and one thing lots of Photoshop-savvy people on the internet agreed on was that Batman looked kind of sad standing next to his batmobile. And that's how the latest "Sad Batman" meme was born.

The premise is straightforward: people Photoshop Batman into sad situations. The photoshop results go from hilarious to depressing, depending on what the situation is. Let's take a look, shall we?

The New Batman Sure Looks Sad
The New Batman Sure Looks Sad
The New Batman Sure Looks Sad
The New Batman Sure Looks Sad
The New Batman Sure Looks Sad
The New Batman Sure Looks Sad
The New Batman Sure Looks Sad
The New Batman Sure Looks Sad
The New Batman Sure Looks Sad

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    I never read many Batman comics, but from what I remember he was not the Jolly type of superhero.

    Really hope that in this movie he's around his 40ish. Full of sadness and pain, ready to unload some kick ass punches in superman face.

      If you watched the 90s animated series you'll see that Bruce, and even Batman, could be humourous and light hearted at times.

        As long as I dont have to see batman origins again, I'm happy.

        I guess is common knowledge how superman, batman and spiderman came to be. Stop making origin movies. Just keep going! People can google this stuff ;[

          You'll probably want to stay away from the upcoming 'Gotham' tv series then!

          It chronicles the early days of Jim Gordon as well as a young Bruce Wayne.

      That's the problem. Batman as a fictional theme has been stretched so far over so many mediums and styles and interpretations and incarnations, the concept of what makes Batman Batman is watered down about as much as you can water something down. On top of this, every generation, cultural subset etc has an idea of what their Batman should be.

      It's virtually impossible to hit a bullseye with this character. The best bet is if the fiction is an honest and well created expression.

        I say if it works in the context of its own universe then it's Batman. I really had no problem with Nolans Batman. Many people believe The Brave and the Bold is the true Batman. The Schumacher Batmans felt off and there was no real consistent tone.

          Yeah, that's my point. I like Nolan and Burton's Batman cause they felt true to themselves. I also adore the camp 60s Batman. It's consistent and entertaining and ridiculous.

          I worry about this Batman though. I'm extrapolating LOTS from this one pic but the Batmobile looks like it was designed with fans in mind, designed as a reaction, it looks like it was designed as a compromise (between Burton/Nolan), designed to please. I'd rather the design be fresh and cool and bold, not a collage of precious designs that looks like it's intent was more about calling a truce with fans than it is fighting crime. But then again, I suppose these sentiments just add to the pressure of everyone feeling like Batman should conform to their expectations. I just hope the goal of this endeavour isn't to try to piss off the least amount of people.

      Adam West Batman and older batman comics are definitely jolly.

      He's been around 10 years in BvS and is around 40 - 41.

    Haha these are pretty good.

      I'm disappointed that nobody put him next to some graves honestly.

        The dead parents joke is a little over used in my opinion.

          Hell, dead parents trying to make us connect with Bruce is a little over used in my opinion.

            Not just with Bruce, buy with other superheroes too. They have to come up with something new with new heroes, seriously.

              Wasn't that a problem with the last two Spider-Man movies? Trying to make us give two shits about Peters parents when nobody actually does?

                I remember they tried to do that with Hulk first time around. It wad a full 20 min part. Dragged on so long. If they cut that part out completely, the movie wouldn't have been as bad as it is.

          It's most definitely overused but it can still be funny. I always have to laugh when I see these for instance

          Last edited 15/05/14 12:22 pm

            That's actually pretty funny. I think the main reason it is funny is due to the overuse of it to create that emotional connection to the character.

    Batman and the swing makes me want to give money to some sort of "superheroes without friends" charity...........

    I like the Artax and Peter/Gwen ones:

      The second one is better hahaha

      It's really good

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