Dark Souls Most Infuriating Boss Battle Remade In Starcraft 2

Say the words 'Ornstein and Smough' to anyone who has ever completed Dark Souls. Watch their body language shift. Twitches, facial tics, full grown regressions, rocking back and forth in the foetal position: these are some of the reactions you can expect. The Ornstein and Smough boss battle is balls to the wall difficult. It has broken many a human being, and now it's been remade in Starcraft 2.

Some enterprising modder has made them the very first boss in a Starcraft mod he's making. His name is Greythepirate and he is obviously a glutton for punishment.

All the details of the boss fight are present and correct. There's the big chubby bastard Smough and the smaller, but lightning quick Ornstein. Once you've killed one of the buggers, the survivor ingests the power of the dead one and becomes more powerful, just to mess with you. The same goes in the Starcraft 2 version — a very neat little homage.

It's very cool indeed. Dark Souls players will definitely appreciate this.

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    I killed them on my first go.

      NO WAY. HOW?

        I summoned in a player to do it for me.

          Summoning players is a great experience in Dark Souls and definitely a great part of it on either side. Don't know about letting them "kill them for you" but still it's a great mechanic.

          Having said that, now go through New Game + and take on Ormstein and Smough all buffed up and since you need to make sure that the one that died first dies last this time to get a different soul you can't chance summoning dudes...

          Now you feel what the author and these guys are talking about

          You will also realise that this fight is nowhere near as bad as the buffed Kings in the abyss, but shhh that's a fun surprise.

        I'm sorry, but I really have to agree with this. Those two were a bane on my existence. It's still the only game I ever completed that didn't give me a sense of elation.

        There was only relief.

        Mash the A button until won, when in doubt, apply IDKFA with IDDQD :)

    Those dudes killed me the most out of any Dark Souls boss. I swore they were practically unbeatable. Did finally manage it after god knows how many attempts...

    When I was sunbroing, that was my favourite place to do it.

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