Real Human Should Probably Have Taken Damage From This Jump

Real Human Should Probably Have Taken Damage From This Jump

I've seen parkour videos where the perspective makes it look like a video game. I haven't seen many where I actually hold my breath and think, boy, even in a video game that might have been fatal.

But nope, not here, because Ethan Swanson - a stuntman - doesn't just make the jump, he also makes one hell of a landing.

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    The only reason it looks so dangerous is because of the ridiculous amount of fish-eye. The field of view is so wide he looks like he's going to hurt himself just walking down the stairs.

      He wouldn't be the first person to hurt himself walking down that would make an awesome go pro montage.

    I thought he was going to overshoot o.O and that aircon and piping could not have been in a worse a position...

    I see these ads, and the first thing I think is that in Australia hero is quite often used as a synonym for dickhead, this only proves it (fisheye lens not withstanding).

    So the video has clearly been worked on (because of the effect where they slow him down but not the train). Why are we supposed to think the rest of the video is real?

    Not questioning the jump so much as I'm wondering if they cleaned up the landing (ie. removed some safety gear).

      Not that I'm some expert, but going by past videos and of others who are into this sort of thing, they take their passion in parkour and whatever else you call this quite seriously, so I personally give them the benefit of the doubt. I mean, have you seen those crazy Russian kids hanging off the top of bloody radio towers? Safety to them is to hone their skills and to not fuck it up.

        Yeah agreed, I have a friend who is a stuntman (been one for many years and actually did some of the world in Water World) and its a fine art and they do a crazy amount of training to get to this point.

    What the fuck has this got to do with Video Games? Mirrors Edge? I'm Getting real tired of your shit Kotaku.

      Then leave? Orrr don't look at the article. I for one avoid Patricia Hernandez stories and Brian Ashcraft stories and Kotaku is just great :D

      The other problem you're ignoring is the fact that the international stories are forced onto the Aussie page. Look at the local writes, the stories are of a much higher caliber.

      Don't be a Dave the downer and think of a way to fix your problem instead of lashing out at others :D

        This is essentially a reddit post. a couple of words, and an attached video. This is not journalism.

    "Be a hero"

    The old "press slide on landing to negate fall damage" trick?

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