Titanfall’s New Frontier’s Edge DLC Is Out Today

Video: I was on the Export map and found that the level design seems to encourage camping while in a Titan. Not really something I regularly (or ever?) do, so, interesting. Anyone else out there playing? What do you think of the new maps?


  • Me and like maybe 15 other people still play this on pc is what it feels like. The more dlc and stuff, just less and less players.

    Does anyone still play anything other than attrition? Marked for death was on for about 2 weeks and now it’s dead, no one on.

    • If I can’t get a hardpoint match, I pretty much just shut it down. I find deathmatch incredibly boring, no matter the game.

    • Yeah I always get an Attrition match, but never anything else. Really annoying, when it first came out you could play every game mode and Variety Mode would actually work well. The other game modes are actually really fun so I don’t get why nobody plays them. First time I’ve enjoyed CTF in years…

    • Over the past couple of weeks I’ve seen (estimated) 100 unique names so there’s definitely people playing. Hopefully the DLC release will get a bunch more in.

      • All attrition. Also if anything dlc will bring some folk back, folk who purchased the season pass, who will try to connect to something other than attrtion and say fuck this shit and quit. Already happening and has happened with previous dlc. Who is going to buy a dlc only to play attrition? I so hate dlcs lol, they just create a greater variety and in turn dilute everything, especially in titanfall. A game where it’s only multiplayer. You need dlc just to connect to the same map as a friend who has a season pass. Unlikely, there are pleanty other games to be played.

        • This is exactly how previous CoDs went, too. I’m not a fan of it for the exact reasons you stated, but at least with Titanfall the preorder for the game + Season pass was only $69 on PC.

    • I preordered and bought this day1. For me it was the biggest mistake i ever made buying a game. A gaming elite like myself fell right in front of the hype train. I will never buy another product from respawn.

      • You will, if they don’t do what they did with titanfall. They did some cool stuff for cod4, why can’t things be as simple as they uses to. A simple server list you go to. Get on the same server as the regulars, chat, play, and have fun. I don’t want to say that those days are over, but it sure feels like it.

        • Online campaign sucked. Cant compare this to even cod. After days of playing i still dont know wtf was going on in story. Terribly executed. Not enough variety in maps for an online only game, shouldve came out with at least 20 maps and more titans. Its a game you would play for 3 days for $15. End of story.

      • Apparently they’ve removed the requirement to finish the campaign to unlock the Strider and Ogre chassis so you don’t really need to any more.

        • Too little, too late – those are useless if there is nobody on the servers to use them with and CoD:AW is looking basically like a single-player titanfall which is all that I really wanted out of titanfall so unless they at least patch the existing campaign so that it can be played offline against AI which I know they have because they use it in the tutorials and the titans in multiplayer (The tutorial AI seems to get fairly vicious actually!) then I may consider buying the game, but until then I’ll stick with that CoD:AW preorder and look forward to the only AAA offline singleplayer campaign series in recent memory that has not had bits cut out to sell as day 1 DLC

          • I don’t mean this to sound rude, but: if you wanted a single player game, why did you buy Titanfall? They made it very clear it was multi only.

          • I didn’t buy titanfall – I almost did after the demo but I managed to avoid making that particular purchase.

  • Yeah I’ve been playing Attrition for the last few nights, balancing is monged, and my favourite game style (Hardpoint) basically doesn’t exist anymore unless it’s during the day (weekdays). Irks me as I enjoy the gameplay a lot but have never been big on straight death match.

  • I was playing it on PC until the player count died. The last few matches I played people were teleporting around the map and the lag was horrible. I pretty much gave up on the game at this point.

    I wish they would release a mode where you can play against AI only that way I could as least still play the game instead of having a multiplayer game with no community.

  • I think microsoft backed the wrong horse here the game is basically dead barely anyone plays it guess they should of gone after destiny instead of letting sony get to bungie first

    • Or they could have spent that money developing a new firstparty IP instead of using it just to pay somebody else to NOT release a game on a competing platform…

      • It’s what Microsoft does. They would rather pay to keep something exclusive than pay to develop their own thing.

  • Anybody else want to see a large Battlefield style hardpoint map? Something where Titans can really stretch their legs as it were, but with enough cover for players on foot to move around without being sniper bait. I keep coming back to the great balance between armored vehicles and ground troops in Bad Company 2 verses the odd balance between titans and ground troops. In BC2 armored vehicles could completely change the flow of a map, but only if used right. I can’t help but feel the map designs make the titans feel largely superfluous. Titanfall has a lot of cool ideas, but nothing truly great ever seems to coalesce. Personally I’d like to see the franchise move towards more of a BC2 Rush play style, but in the end it’s up to Respawn to decide where they go.

    • Man, BC2 maps were awesome. I’d love to see them re-release some of them (Arica? Valdez? Isla Innocentes? Valparaiso?) for BF4. Would be a damn sight better than most of the BF4 DLC maps so far.

  • Wow, lots of comments about there being no players now. Was it just because everyone was trying the Destiny beta and so may return or is it just dead now?

  • I barely play, last time I played there was seriously some strange stuff happening… Tracking through a wall while in a titan… I’m pretty sure there’s no perk or card for that.

    By a pilot sure… But not a titan.

  • I am actually looking forward to this.

    I’ve said this on another thread. It was getting stale after the last DLC, There are half a dozen annoyances that have turned people off, which is fair enough. But there are a lot more people in the last few weeks. Not sure if price got some people interested.

    The team balance has gone from shifting whole teams to swapping players. So no waiting around for games.

    I didnt play anything but attrition, but can understand everyones peeve about Hardpoint and CTF.

    The game is heaps of fun and I wish it would last. I would encourage people to get back on. I havent been caught on FPS before so am enjoying it. Its so dynamic and well balanced between Titans and Pilots.

  • I still play it, there’s a not huge player base, but it seems pretty loyal to the game.

    If they’ve FINALLY fixed the matchmaking system, games might get up more.
    They’ve added a bunch of cool stuff to the game over the last two updates, but honestly, it’s all stuff that should’ve been there at launch. It’s looking increasingly like it was released unfinished.

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