Nihon Falcom Is Bringing A "Totally New" Ys RPG To PS4 And Vita

The game will feature both exploration, with some jumping and climbing shown in the trailer, and "high speed combat."

The new Ys will be both on the PS4 and the PS Vita, and it's scheduled to come to Japan in 2015.

The trailer, which was revealed during today's Fall Sony Presentation, can be watched above, and here are some screenshots courtesy of Game Watch:

Nihon Falcom Is Bringing a
Nihon Falcom Is Bringing a
Nihon Falcom Is Bringing a
Nihon Falcom Is Bringing a


    So this is how JRPGs look in the current gen huh, I'll take it

      It looks sort of similar to last gen. Maybe I'm just not good at telling the difference between things.

        Yeah I'm not noticing a big change either.


    At first, I thought it was only coming to PS4, and I don't plan on getting one for a long while... Even though the wait for this title will likely be longer...

    ANYWAY, PS Vita! Yay!

    Was I the only one who skimmed the headline and thought "Novint Falcon?"

    Super excited for this. Ys is such a great series and it often gets overlooked.

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