G.I. Joe Actor Allegedly Extorted Over Sexy Talk

G.I. Joe Actor Allegedly Extorted Over Sexy Talk

Two women were arrested this week in South Korea over an alleged attempt to extort five million dollars from G.I. Joe actor Lee Byung-hun. One of the women, it seems, is a K-pop singer.

According to Sports Chosun and eNews Today (via tipster Sang), Lee met a model and K-pop singer Dahee Kim of the girl group GLAM at a bar. Allegedly that night, Lee used profanity and started talking about inappropriate things, which the women supposedly recorded on a smartphone.

Picture: eNews Today

Reports state that on August 28, the two women allegedly threatened to leak the video online if Lee did not pay them five million dollars. Lee reported the incident to his management, who then contacted the police.

Picture: kkuem

Dahee Kim also provided the voice for SeeU, the Korean version of Vocaloid. Lee also starred in Capcom’s Lost Planet.

This isn’t the first time Lee has been involved in a scandal. Back in 2010, he was involved in a legal battle over sexual misconduct. The suit, it seems, was withdrawn.

GLAM’s record label Big Hit Entertainment is quoted as saying it is aware Kim was arrested, but added that it hasn’t spoken to her recently and that the arrest is a private matter. Police are currently investigating the alleged extortion, with some reports stating that the alleged video was discovered.

Lee Byung-hun is slated to appear in the upcoming Terminator film as the T-1000. Arnold Schwarzenegger will be back as the Terminator.

Update: According to Star News, Kim has apparently confessed and deeply regrets what happened. The police have handed her laptop and smartphone over to the cybercrime division.

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  • Wait, wait, wait. So are you telling me that women are capable of evil /too/ and men are capable of being victims /too/? After spending too much time in the Internets I was beginning to think that it was another patriarchy-propagated myth.

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