Here Is A Nifty Little Collection Of All The Australian Games On Steam

As you may already be aware Steam has gone through some pretty fundamental changes and with those changes comes the ability to make curated lists of games and whatnot. A recommendations page if you will. Our Kotaku US buddies have created one, but you might find this a little more interesting: a fairly comprehensive list of all Australian-made games on Steam.

As with all curated lists, this is a bit of a work in progress, but it's pretty much perfect if you're looking to either support the local Australian games industry or just play some cool, unique indie games.

You might also find yourself surprised by the games you find on the list. I didn't know, for example, that Fallout Tactics was made here. So there you go.

I've joined the group. Actually it's the only group I've joined so far. Games like Antichamber, Duet, Dustforce and the almighty Don Bradman Cricket 14 are all on the list alongside a couple of unreleased titles I'm quite excited about like Screencheat. This looks like a cool place to keep abreast of Australian releases on Steam.


    Reminder that Zafehouse: Diaries (page 3) was not only Australian made, but also by one of the Kotaku AU staff members!

      Hope they're not in a relationship, otherwise things might get ugly...

      Last edited 23/09/14 4:23 pm

    This is what a country's contributions look like on Steam when your industry locally implodes just as digital distribution takes off, I guess.

    Still remember reading a pre-GFC article proclaiming how great the Australian games industry was, as seen by "Spongebob: Lights, Camera, Pants".


      Dude, that is still my favourite non-Mario Party party game!

    I thought I was pretty well abreast of the local industry, but there were some surprises in there (Dustforce, for one).

    Needs Irrational's catalogue, like Freedom Force and BioShock (I guess that counts... it's only the PC version that's on Steam).

    I didn’t know, for example, that Fallout Tactics was made here. So there you go.
    I did - I now work for the people who made it :)

    I Didnt realise L.A Noire was made here :)

      Yes it was, and from what i hear many workers in that studio were not happy with the working conditions that led to the creation of this game.

      The studio was a revolving door during development with people being chewed up and spat out as new people came in to receive the same treatment.

    Puzzle Quest? The second one is there, but not the spin off or the original.

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