South Park The Fractured But Whole Goes Missing On Steam

At the time of writing, South Park: A Fractured But Whole isn’t appearing for Australians on Steam through the website, app or on mobile phones — and when we do try to forcibly load the store page, we’re being told that it’s not available for Australians.

A user reported overnight that the Australian store listing for The Fractured But Whole had vanished. The game hasn’t been rated by the Classification Board yet, and there was no word on Ubisoft’s social media channels about any changes to the game’s release in Australia. Additionally, Australians can also still view a listing for the game on Ubisoft’s Uplay store.

The Fractured But Whole is still viewable on Ubisoft’s Australian page too, complete with the December 6 release date. The link through to the Uplay listing is broken, but that is probably unrelated given the earlier Uplay link.

Searching for the game on Steam, however, is proving troublesome. If I try searching through the website while logged into my Steam account, I’m told that “this item is currently unavailable in your region” or that nothing was found, like so.

If I log out of Steam, I’m able to see The Fractured But Whole’s store page. But as you can see for yourselves, the prices are listed without any currency denominations.

And if I use the Steam app on my mobile, I’m not able to see a listing for the game whatsoever. Adding “?cc=au” to the end of the URL for Fractured But Whole’s Steam listing returns a “this item is currently unavailable in your region” page. You can also go to SteamDB and use the “Install” button (top right of the page) to force the Steam app to load the Fractured But Whole’s store page, which also brings up the item unavailable warning.

I’ve reached out to Ubisoft Australia to confirm whether this is the sign of something more dire, or whether it’s just a little snafu and that the game will reappear soon. If we hear anything back or the situation changes, we’ll keep you posted.

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