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So it's finally confirmed: after smashing up the Himalayas, Africa, Micronesia, and somewhere in the Pacific, Ubisoft's next open world is going to focus on tearing up Montana, a state on the Canadian/US border.

Sounds interesting. But if you were given the choice of recreating a location for Ubi's next open-world game, where would you go?


Players in Ubisoft's third-person shooter The Division will no longer be able to camp near a certain spawn point and easily shoot down other players. That's thanks to a new patch that removes the so-called "Coward's Corner" just over a year after the camping spot began pissing people off.


I'm betting that a lot of people who played Far Cry 2 didn't finish it. It's a chaotic, gruelling game, and it's at least five hours too long. If you made it to the end, you got a finale just as flawed, ambitious, and bleak as the game preceding it. Spoilers will follow, of course!


Even with Andromeda, Breath of the Wild and Horizon around, I've still been keeping a little eye out for Ghost Recon Wildlands. And after getting some time in with it over the weekend, I'm rather keen to go back to Bolivia.