Here’s The Yakuza Zero Trailer In English

Here’s The Yakuza Zero Trailer In English

You saw the 15 minute Japanese Yakuza Zero trailer. Now you can understand it.

Sega has made no announcement for an international release of their latest Yakuza game, but that didn’t stop us from translating and putting English subtitles to the dramatic story trailer. Check it out below.

Note: With no script or Japanese subtitles, I had to work from audio alone, and some of the actors have heavy accents. While I did my best to be as accurate as I could, some of the translations may not be 100 per cent accurate.


  • Ummm… that’s nice?!?

    What is the point aside from giving false hope in the thought that this may have been something SEGA themselves released? Just because someone translated a trailer, doesn’t mean I’m going to get more interested in a game that might not actually be released in my territory.

    Sure I could import it, but I don’t understand Japanese… so I’d still be back at square one.

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