The CREEPIEST Taunt In Shadow Of Mordor

The CREEPIEST Taunt In Shadow Of Mordor

It might be an exceedingly violent game, but most of Shadow of Mordor has felt strangely… pleasant and lighthearted. That is until I come across an orc that giggles maniacally instead of saying anything. So scary. So, so scary.

It doesn’t help that the guy who does it in my game looks like this:

After running and promptly dying once, I’ve just ran for it every time since.


  • I dont know… the All-Eater taunt is just him standing and licking his lips looking at you as he would to his dinner during a 5 year famine

  • Had a nemesis of mine do that too. Creeped me out, till I burnt him to death like 3 times before he finally kicked the bucket

  • I knew which taunt you were referring to before even clicking through! I actually got a giggler as the fifth or sixth captain I encountered in the game. It’s especially creepy when he’s locking weapons with you (there’s a different giggle when he’s on the verge of death too).

  • i havnt come across the giggler yet ,but now thanks to this article, ill at least know when to get creeped out.

  • I enjoy the teeth chatterer matched with the right looking captain too. Can look similar to the mouth of Sauron!

    • I had one of these. Looked creepy and grunted and clicked his teeth like the zombie from World War Z. You know which one i mean 😛
      Seems to be something with me, the ones with the weirdest intros are the unkillable ones. Before him was Nazu the Crazy. Kept screaming “Sticky Glue!” before each murder attempt. He was usually successful (List of weaknesses: He doesn’t like explosions. That is all)

  • I dunno, there’s some who make some vaguely sexual remarks about the things they want to do to you and call you ‘my sweet’ while they rub their bodies. That seemed kinda off-putting.

  • He reminds me of the Dough Boy. If I poke his stomach, will he go “Ooohh hoo hoo”?

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