Hearthstone Player Forces Opponent To Draw 784 Cards

This one might be a little hard to follow for people who haven't played Hearthstone, but it sure is ridiculous: above, watch a player kill his opponent by forcing them to draw a whopping 784 cards, dealing a total of around 300,000 damage.

If you haven't played Blizzard's addictive digital card game, allow me to explain: when your deck runs out of cards, you'll start taking damage every time you try to draw a new one. That damage, called Fatigue, will increase by one on every subsequent draw.

So in this video — which may or may not be staged — the player HysteriA takes advantage of his opponent's many Northshire Clerics (minions with the ability "Whenever a minion is healed, draw a card") to dish out some horrible, hilarious punishment. It's a spectacular sight even if he worked with a friend to put this all together. Watch above.

(via Reddit)


    It looks like he starts with 0 cards in his deck - the first draw hits him with fatigue - but let's assume he's only just drawn his last card, and so the first draw is his first hit of fatigue.

    That's 784 draws, the first one being worth 1 damage and the final being worth 785. The sum of the series 1 + 2 + 3 + ... + 782 + 783 + 784 is (784/2)*785 - that is, pairing the 1 and the 784, the 2 and the 783, and so on, which comes to a total of 307, 720 damage.

    Players start on 30 health, so that's enough damage to kill 10, 257 of them - .05% of the total Hearthstone player base.

      Also, according to the Reddit source, the 300,000 draw damage doesn't kill him - he's got an Ice Block, which triggers when you take fatal damage and makes you damage immune for the rest of the turn.

      He then draws a card at the start of his next turn, takes more than 700 damage from that, and then dies.

    What's causing the damage to stop the minions being at full health and allowing this to propagate?

      The pyromancer he played. Does one damage to ALL minions when a spell card is played. So every use of healing circle results in 1 damage to every minion on the board.

    So in MtG speak a Milling Deck combo =P

    It's fun to screw with HS and test its limits. My son and I decided to see how much damage/attack we could grant our Lorewalker Cho's. We summed one each and I (playing as a Paladin) would spam the card that doubles a minion's attack while my son (priest) similarly doubled their health. It actually reached around a billion before glitching out and resetting the character's stats. The funny part was seeing the damage numbers overlap and bleed off the edge of the card.

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