Telltale's First Game Of Thrones Game Coming 'Soon'

Briefly: Walking Dead dev Telltale's first Game of Thrones game is coming "soon". The six-episode series will focus on five characters from House Forrester, a family loyal to the Starks (aka Sean Bean and his extremely unlucky spawn) and will take you to places like King's Landing and The Wall.


    "Iron From Ice" is very reminiscent of Games' context - hopefully the game is as true to the source material as The Walking Dead.
    As a huge fan of TWD comics, I really dug TT's focus on characters and that they weren't afraid to add "downtime" to build suspense and tension. As good as the TV show is, it's guilty of going "like, so OTT?" from time to time.
    Here's hoping this GoT adaption has the same aspirations.
    (Also, if the patriarch of the family is called Eric I'm in, regardless of quality. Yeah, I'm an addict. Whatever. It's 22 minutes out of my day :) )

      I'm pretty sure George Martin does not allow Telltale to make their own story just for fun. Most likely the script is written by George for this game.

        I would hope so, if not for the fact that it'd distract him from writing The Winds of Winter. Georgie-boy is certainly protective of his baby but I think Telltale have proven their ability to craft an original story in an adapted context. Hopefully he sees it that way too, and that he wrote another 1,000 or so words today.
        I really am clamoring for the latest Ice and Fire novel.

          Alternately, he could just view it the way Andrez Sapkowski (author of The Witcher series) views the games - as fan-fiction that isn't canon at all. Which is fine - I'd rather a decent ASoIaF game which isn't "true" than a crappy one that is.

    I haven't played through The Walking Dead Season 2 and The Wolf Among Us, but I hope this time around your actions make real impacts in the game, like who gets to live, who gets to die. Guess we'll never see that if there's a lone tally of lists actions taken by each player huh.

    I would rather a rpg style game like dragon age or a 3rd person like dark souls heavy on story and choice, think mass effect but fantasy... Telltale games just seem like interactive movies to me... I think its a stretch to call them games to some degree. More like those interactive books you use to read as a kid, if you want to enter the cave turn to page 48 if you decide to run away turn to page 78.

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    I'm playing through Season 2 of the Walking Dead right now! I don't know if my choices are really important or whether they just give me the illusion of choice but I find it really compelling. Having never read Walking Dead or watched the show I still love it.
    Game of Thrones where I've read the book and followed the tv show can only be better!!!

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