Tiny Mass Effect Figures Protect Your Pockets From Reapers

Tiny Mass Effect Figures Protect Your Pockets From Reapers
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The Mass Effect trilogy gets a series of Minimates figures to collect in the most annoying way possible. Diamond Select Toys has an entire line of Mass Effect figures coming out, with the first wave of seven tiny space commandos and friends. But that’s not the annoying bit.

They’re arriving in blind bags — opaque plastic sacks containing a random figure. Unless the bags are coded somehow, that means I’ll be spending a lot of time squeezing bags to make sure I don’t get doubles.

The first wave includes male and female Shepards, Garrus, Wrex, Tali, Ashley and Liara romance options and the Illusive Man. In keeping with his name, The Illusive Man will be rare in the assortment — just feel for the tiny fist with the cigarette in it. Gotta love the adult collector’s market.


  • How on earth is there an Ashley figure when she died in Mass Effect 1?

    As she deserved to, for the shame her grandfather inflicted on our great human race.

    • I think you mean she could die in Mass Effect 1… some of us wanted less dong on the ship, just saying.

      • From her wikia entry:

        Later, it was revealed that her grandfather was General Williams, who surrendered the garrison at Shanxi to the turians during the First Contact War, thus becoming the first human to surrender to an alien force. Her superiors’ prejudice against her family meant she had mostly been stuck on groundside garrison posts — preventing her from gaining actual combat experience — despite her exemplary technical scores. Possibly due to the discrimination she experienced, Ashley asserts that a Williams has to be better than the best, to make up for Shanxi, making her dedicated to her job, but also prickly, blunt and quick-tempered.

        Nothing choice related, just part of her backstory.

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