Controllers Thrown And Busted By Angry People

Controllers Thrown And Busted By Angry People

You mad? Don’t be! Be happy. And for goodness’ sake, do not throw your controller, no matter how much a game pisses you off.

“I threw my controller” is a meme of sorts among Japanese gamers. For example, a player might say a certain game makes them throw their controller to express how frustrating it is. Some games might warrant multiple throws!

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Also, among a handful of folks in Japan, first-person shooters also seem to induce throws.

As noted on website Togetter, here’s a roundup of busted controllers that were apparently chucked. The lesson here is don’t throw your controller!

Picture: Asley_xq

Picture: taka620519

Picture: N_R4inbow

Picture: via Hayabusa

Picture: tibisuke001

Picture: via Hayabusa

Picture: korokorsitoru

Picture: via Hayabusa

This is the result of a mouse being thrown because it wouldn’t work.

Picture: R4imei

Picture: via Hayabusa

Picture: via Viper

Apparently, stuff like this can happen, too.

Picture: heriosuhigashin

Picture: inahayo1

Of course, not everyone who games in Japan loses their shit like this, and many think the result of doing so is incredibly wasteful. I agree!

ントローラーをぶん投げて壊した人たち [Togetter]

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  • Pathetic.


    The two words that spring to mind.

    What an appalling lack of self control. If the player is prone to becoming so apeshit that they break things, then I would suggest that they need some anger management.

    I don’t buy into the “The games so frustrating that I busted my controller / screen” excuse. Its a small step from bashing inanimate objects in rage to bashing other people.

    In short, people need to get a grip.

    • get off your high horse
      if you think every person who gets angry is capable of unleashing on other people, then you dont get how organisms with brains work.

    • Pretty much. I stopped getting mad with games when I was twelve, and I have never once thrown a controller. These people are morons.

    • In short, people need to get a grip.I see what you did there.

      Also clearly you’ve never played an all-tracks cup in Mario Kart Wii. That shit’ll drive you to murder 😛
      (Although these are all PS controllers so I have no idea what they could have been playing)

    • I’d also have to agree if anything that would start to annoy me I’d just put it down and give it a rest for a while.

    • How judgemental of you. You may not have as big a competitive drive as many gamers out there, and without a physical outlet for the adrenaline and testosterone it can often be a reflex action that you don’t even think about until you’ve already smacked the controller down or flipped a mouse away.

      I have been in one fight in my life, at the age of 10 when I got jumped and beaten up at school. When it comes to games, I have shattered an entire front window, broken a $2.5k LCD TV and put a couple of holes in the wall. The last time any of this happened was 5 years ago mind you, regardless your leap from “bashing inanimate objects” to “bashing people” is pretty tenuous. We’re not all as serene as yourself and it was part of growing up that I learnt to deal with this fault of mine. The good news is because I’ve had to face that issue early, I’ve learnt to deal with it and overcome it.

      So hop of your little high horse and realise that everyone is different.

      • Yes throwing a controller and throwing a punch are different but they are both very similar in that they show a distinct lack of self-control when angered. Having a healthy competitive streak is fine. Throwing a tanty (and physical objects) is not normal behaviour for an adult. Sure, maybe it’s a reflex but the point still stands that you lost control and in the end you could give the same excuse for a punch thrown in anger. It was a reflex and I didn’t mean it.

        Just my 2c

        • You’re assuming an adult is a rational mild mannered well meaning individual. Get out into the world and you’ll see some proper cunts who will make your blood boil.

          • I’m not assuming all adults are rational or mild mannered. I am saying your not acting like an adult if you lose control over a video game to the point where you damage your own property.

            Don’t get me wrong and I’m not judging you mate. Everyone has a bad moment and no ones perfect. I haven’t thrown a controller but I have rage quit and dropped F and C Bombs like a sailor when I am frustrated and getting my ass handed to me. It happens to the best of us but as an adult (and in my case a father) I have to hold myself to a higher standard and try and better myself by not doing it.

            That’s all I am saying. Not that it doesn’t happen, just that when it does, own it, learn from it and come out better as you never know if the next time you lose control it wont be you punching some “proper cunt” and ending up in court. Id also point out at that point, you become the proper cunt in the equation.

          • Oh right, you’re advocating learning from it. I’m all hunky dory with that, I’ve done it myself hahaha.

            I guess I don’t see that the link between tossing a controller and throwing a punch as that strong considering the environments they’re occurring in. My initial response was too emotional given the fact scourge was pretty damning of anyone and everyone who has ever broken a controller/TV and is therefore a stupid person. It just rubbed me the wrong way.

            Again, I’ve stuffed up in the past and broken things from cracking a wobbly, but that’s as an emotionally immature 18 year old who had too many energy drinks and too much CS:Source in one afternoon. If you learn from your mistakes all good. If you don’t you’re a dick. I didn’t see that differentiation in the initial post.

      • Good for you that you’ve taken the opportunity to sort out your issues, many people simply don’t, and it tends to escalate. Hence my earlier comment.

        But as for hopping off my high horse as it were, no.

        I was bullied at school, had plenty of physical altercations with others, had my nose broken once too for standing up for my friends. Doesn’t change the fact that getting violent, because that’s what the issue here is, is wrong.

        If it were acceptable behaviour to break things when mad, it would be a socially acceptable norm. But its not, therefore it isn’t.

        • I never said the behaviour was acceptable though.

          You’re right in that we abhor violence and property damage as a societal norm.

          What I’m trying to emphasise though is that in competitive sport you are constantly pushing yourself physically, burning off the testosterone and adrenaline you build up when put under competitive pressure to best your opponent. This was my cause for losing my shit, as well as the fact I was 18 at the time and flung a controller into the ground only for it to catapult into the TV ala wiimote style -_-

          I’m just trying to give perspective that even normal seeming people can have lapses in judgement when it comes to something that drives an emotional response. I found the wording of your original comment very dismissive to those individuals that mightn’t have as good a grip on their emotions as others.

  • I had one game that shit me so much that in an uncontrollable rage, I ejected it, without first exiting the game, and then I gave it away! That’s right, in a full blown, game induced, psychotic episode, I gave that game away!

    My screen and controllers survived to play another game.

  • I never did understand the mindset of these people. You play games for entertainment, escapism in a netshell, yet destroying your controller has very real consequences, the minimum would be one controller less…. and busted tv or worse. Why would you do it ?

    • Somehow I don’t think it’s necessarily a conscious and/or deliberate action. Have you ever reflexively sworn/yelled out of frustration? Same kinda deal.

    • Have you ever played games competitively? It’s not escapism when you turn it into nothing but a contest. It’s why CS induces the most ridiculous amount of rage in people for no really good reason…

  • mate of mine jokingly threw his controller after losing a close and intense round of NBA Jam, and somehow a rumble motor popped out, but no signs of breakage or holes for it to come from – he managed to open the controller enough at the join to allow the motor to escape, before closing itself up again!

  • Yeah I don’t’ take seriously the notion that venting some frustration (which is often more about life’s frustrations than the game itself) by breaking a controller can in any way be linked with actually attacking another human being. It’s not the same thing at all.

    I’m 41, never had the slightest urge to harm another human being (in spite of being in some extremely provoking situations down the years) but I broke a controller playing Souls…

    Not proud of it, but it certainly got some negativity out.

    Would I have been better off going for a run instead? Definitely…. costs less!

    • Some people haven’t been pushed into a situation that would trigger this reaction, so without it they’re not going to understand what it’s like. They’re looking from the outside in. I wouldn’t be surprised if the same people who haven’t thrown a controller also haven’t witnessed some pretty serious street violence firsthand. Different worlds people…

  • I get upset when my controllers start to show wear from being used or have a bit of food grease on them… I would never throw a controller or break a piece of my kit because I got angry. I would say some swear words and then turn off the game; like a self controlled, reasonable human being.

        • I was thinking of a comeback, but realised that considering your stance it’s pretty redundant. So we’ll just leave it at that then.

          • My stance is about as redundant as yours; considering they are both stances on the topic of equal validity. Just because we don’t agree with each other doesn’t make either redundant. Although you have shown to be pretty childish and petty with your comments; which is another non-redundant stance I’ll take.

          • No I was genuinely trying to point out there was no point in having a childish comeback which would reinforce your opinion of me and make me look like a dick.

            I wasn’t talking about your stance on the issue, I was talking about your stance/opinion of me. Poor phrasing on my part, my bad.

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