An Extreme Way To Fix Mario Kart 8's Dumb Battle Mode: Play It IRL

An Extreme Way To Fix Mario Kart 8's Dumb Battle Mode: Play It IRL

The overall crappiness of Mario Kart 8's battle mode is well established. And since Nintendo hasn't unveiled any concrete plans to make it better with some extra stellar DLC goodness, it looks like what we're stuck with what we've got. Or wait — what's that over there on the internets? RC cars to the rescue!

This video of an IRL Mario Kart battle mode comes from YouTubers amieeeGO. If you can get over some over-eager humour from a few bros who sound like they're doing their best Koopalings impressions, there's an idea in here that looks pretty fucking awesome.

I mean, what part of attaching coloured balloons to remote-controlled monsters trucks and then pitting them against one another to see who can pop the other's with the pointy side of a chopstick doesn't sound awesome?

On a related note, you know what would make the real Mario Kart even better than it already is? Well, other than a solid battle mode? Some more melee items. The super horn showed that the game still has a ton of unexplored potential, if you ask me.


    I like the new battle mode, its like jousting. D:

    New battle mode sucks anus. God I'd play so much more lounge room Mario Kart if it had arena battle mode again!

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