Classic Metal Albums, Redesigned

Classic Metal Albums, Redesigned
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So many skulls! So much black! So much blood! Let’s imagine a world where, instead of trying to look badass, metal albums wanted to look more like… jazz albums.

This collection of fantastic images is the work of Brazilian artist Rafa Melandi, and takes some of the best damn metal albums of all time — Master of Puppets, Reign In Blood, Among The Living, etc — and gives them a coat of paint Freddie Hubbard would be proud of.

If someone could turn the Slayer one into a tshirt that would be great, thanks.

And if you need to compare them to the original:


  • Sorry, I prefer the originals.
    These re-done album covers merely “resemble” the originals, without the soul.
    And what is metal without soul?

    • The Judas Priest one is particularly weak. The original is damn near perfect. I say this as a graphic designer and someone who typically hates metal and metal album covers.

      Almost all of these covers don’t do their job. That being adequately representing or at least alluding to the content within.

      Iron Maiden and Pantera ones are decent enough though.

      • I think you guys are missing the point, they’re not just ‘redesigned’ but redesigned in the style of 60s-70s Jazz records (blue note etc). So in that regard they are successful, although some are better and a bit more obvious than others.

        • Ah my mistake I didn’t see that sentence. The British Steel one is still pretty poor regardless.

          • Yea some of them look like they were done in 5 secs.

            I reckon Screaming For Vengeance will always be my favourite album and cover.

  • This is blasphemy!

    Funny idea, genre swapping imagery from Jazz to Metal. Makes sense to me, although I do prefer the originals.

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