How The Hobbit's Incredible CG Visuals Were Made

How The Hobbit's Incredible CG Visuals Were Made

Wired and effects studio WETA have put together this video showing how many of the big battle (and dragon) sequences for the third Hobbit movie were put together. It's pretty good!

A little infomercial-y in parts, sure, but there are plenty of effects breakdowns, as well some interesting info: the fact that Smaug's wings were so realistically modelled that they generated their own airflow, which in turn affected the fires below, almost seems a little too much.


    I always find this stuff really interesting, more so in films than games. I wish it went into more detail.

    I'm not sure incredible is the word I would have used.. The CG of that Dwarf on the boar... ugh.. I had nightmares about that for weeks. It felt so rushed compared to LOTR.

    I thought it was actually worse the LOTR, to be honest. They couldn't even use people in costumes for the bad guys? It lacked soul.

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