Come Watch Me Talk About Suikoden, Women's eSports Tournaments And Animal Sounds

Video: Come watch me talk about Suikoden, women's eSports tournaments, and animal sounds on this week's Co-Optional podcast, where I guest-starred. Fun times.


    Speak of coincide, I'm currently at the halfway point upon the posting of this article. Very interesting podcast thus far.

    Liking the support for these three, they are all good people and TB is the Batman of PC gaming

    Had to turn it off when they got to the lol tournament issue. So much misinformation it was upsetting. I mean, well intended, but for those three to be so under informed it was quite surprising. Hits a bit close to home though, so I don't want to make it sound like I'm getting all tumblr over here, just haven't had a chance to feedback elsewhere. Don't let this stop you from checking the three of them out, though. All quality, all very different, all very good at what they do.

    As for you yourself Jason, have the camera more in line with your face. You kinda looked like a nervous turtle. Thankfully, you weren't as big of a twat as I feared you would be, Brought a good few interesting view point to the table. Work on that turtle issue, wouldn't mind you coming back.

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