Robot Vacuum Attempts To Chew Owner's Head Off

Robot Vacuum Attempts to Chew Owner's Head Off

Fret not! The owner, and her head, made it through this ordeal in tact. The robot vacuum, though, did not.

South Korean paper Kyunghyang Shinmun writes that a 52 year-old woman called the fire department earlier this month when a Roomba-like vacuum cleaner hoovered up her hair.

I'm assuming the woman was lounging on the floor when the incident happened. That, or the vacuum cleaner jumped through the air and attacked her.

Yeah, let's go with that.

The woman was at home alone and didn't know what to do about her head getting all tangled up in the robo-cleaner. She called 119 (South Korea's version of 911), and a team of firefighters arrived on the scene, dismantling the vacuum cleaner, and freeing the woman.

We're glad that the woman was not injured by her robotic vacuum cleaner. Because if she had been, that would have sucked.


    Boom-tish. Thank you, thank you, I'll be here all week.

    Did that fire department guy really need a mouth mask?

      In many Asian countries when you have cold or the flu (or just a runny nose) you wear a mask to stop infecting others... Reverse of what you may have been thinking.

      Usually people wear those masks when they have a cold and don't want others to catch their cold

      Maybe he didn't want to get a nose full of vacuum dust.

    She called 119 (South Korea’s version of 000)*


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